Working together to support local journalism.

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About Us

We are a collaborative of local news organizations spanning the city and the surrounding river valley communities that make up the greater Pittsburgh region. Our mission is to support a vibrant, diverse and independent local media ecosystem. Together, we are listening, sharing and innovating — to ensure that all the stories that need to be told are told.

What we do


We host conversations with residents throughout the region to make the process of news-making more transparent and accessible.


We connect local journalists and provide space to talk and room to think about how we deliver the news in a constantly changing industry.


We pool resources to help experiment and innovate and to support enterprise journalism that benefits all of our audiences.

Who we are

We are nonprofits and for-profits spread across the Pittsburgh region. We come from different perspectives — and we serve our audiences differently. But we believe in an independent press. We believe in facts. We believe in doing our work ethically and responsibly. And we share the belief that there are times that call for working together and stories that will deserve more than we can do alone.

The Pittsburgh Media Partnership is an initiative of the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University, which is providing administrative support as well as fiscal oversight. Funding is provided by The Heinz Endowmentsand the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.